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In Junior Auxiliary of Jonesboro, Arkansas, our mission is to meet the needs of children, youth and families throughout Craighead County to help ensure that the future will be bright. We look for ways to improve the lives of Craighead County children by developing and implementing programs that instill self-esteem and challenge minds.

We work community service projects in the health, welfare, civic and educational field and work closely with local school districts and other organizations to identify children with unmet and special needs such as clothing, school supplies and medical/dental care. Being a member of Junior Auxiliary requires a high level of commitment, dedication and, above all else, a heart of service.

The Jonesboro chapter was founded in 1950 with 3 service projects. Those projects were funded by the first Charity Ball, which raised $217.36 and a fashion show, which raised $307.31. Our first president was Mrs. Bryant Wall and the membership was 31. Today our chapter has 12 working service projects, over 90 active and provisional members and over 300 life and associate members. Our only fundraiser is Charity Ball, which is now routinely raising over $100,000 a year to fund our projects. We are passionate about serving the children in our community and are constantly looking for ways to grow.

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