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Girls Enrichment

Growth through Mentorship

Girls Enrichment is a program seventh through twelfth grade girls where Junior Auxiliary of Jonesboro members serve as their mentor.


Junior Auxiliary of Jonesboro members partner with El Centro Hispano located in Jonesboro to offer guidance and friendship for these young ladies. Mentors encourage them to reach for their dreams, continue on their path to success, and look towards a brighter future. Through our members’ efforts of hosting engaging events and guest speakers, we hope to provide opportunities that increase their confidence and instill essential life skills that will be needed after high school.


Members host a monthly meeting with fun activities and educational information that centers on a specific core value for seventh through ninth graders including accountability, perseverance, gratitude, or service. In addition, they focus on difficult topics as well which are not limited to social media awareness, anti-bullying, or women’s health


For ladies in tenth through twelfth grade, the activities and educational info focuses more on applying to colleges and for scholarships/financial aid, learning cooking skills and nutrition information, and educating on fitness and mental health. They are able to learn about these crucial topics while enjoying bowling, floral arranging, paint parties, and cooking and fitness classes.

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